Finally, Open Chattanooga has a blog! Hopefully this will be a good venue for us to keep everyone up to date on what we’re doing!

We have a lunch meeting next Wednesday September 10th! Preston Rhea from Code for America will be our special guest. We will be having the lunch at the Waterhouse Pavilion at 12pm and discussing our on-going projects. You can go to the meetup page for the event for information and RSVP as well!

Here are our on-going projects. We need your help! If you have any interest in them, you should come to the meeting and we can help pipe you in to a project.

Chadocs allows you to search through various documents produced by Chattanooga and Hamilton County. Its sister project, chadocs-docs, is a project to collect documents produced by local government. This repository feeds into chadocs and makes the documents, as a whole, searchable. If you have experience with document cataloging, elasticsearch, or node.js this is the project for you!

Enterprise South Nature Park Webmap is an interactive webmap for the Enterprise South Nature Park. Progress has been slow on this one. If you have interest in mapping or have frontend web developent experience, we could use your help!

The Chattanooga LocalWiki is a project to collect local knowledge about Chattanooga. You don’t need to have any sort of technical experience to contribute. You just need to know something about Chattanooga!

We also have a recently released project, combine-data-json-aodp. This is a small web application that combines the paginated data.json into one file for the new ArcGIS Open Data Portal. data.json is a standard file served by data portals to report what datasets are in its catalog. data.json isn’t expected to be served paginated. The hope is that we can use this to pull in the catalog from an ArcGIS Open Data Portal to the Chattanooga Open Data portal as external datasets.