Want to help us build a civically engaged community? I am very excited to announce this position!

Title: Open Chattanooga Community Organizer

Supervisor: Sean Brewer, Open Data Specialist and Open Chattanooga Brigade Captain

Work Location: 4th Floor of Chattanooga Public Library (1001 Broad Street)

Employment Type: Temporary Full-time; 3 month grant-funded position

Salary: $1,500-$2,000 per month based on experience

Overview: The Open Chattanooga Brigade is Chattanooga’s Code for America Brigade. Code for America Brigades build participatory power in their cities by holding regular civic hack nights and events, advocating for open data, and deploying apps. Brigades celebrate and share their successes with the Brigade network to further the global civic innovation movement. In partnership with the Chattanooga Open Government Collaborative, this person would work with the Brigade captain, Sean Brewer to develop leadership and membership for the Brigade. This person would also lead the organization of Open Data Week, which Open Chattanooga is hosting in early December 2014.


  • Write and execute a written field plan for organizing and outreach
  • Organize and recruit attendees for weekly brigade meetups and regular brigade events like hacknights
  • Have regular one-on-ones and organizational meetings with members
  • Work collaboratively with membership to develop an organizational structure for the brigade
  • Attend and make presentations weekly at community events to recruit members and form partnerships
  • Form collaborative partnerships with other community organizations
  • Lead organization of Open Data Week, a multi-day CityCamp event


  • Develop a sustainable core leadership team with at least 5 members
  • Develop an active membership base of at least 15 members
  • Ensure that at least 20% of membership consists of non-developers
  • Form at least 3 partnerships with community organizations
  • Host multi-day event with participation from diverse community groups


  • Experience in community organizing preferred
  • Passion for civic innovation and open data
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with data, app development is a plus
  • This job requires a passionate and driven individual. Work on nights and weekends will be required.

Please email resume to brigade@openchattanooga.com


What would an example of daily tasks be?

A typical day may find you reaching out to local partner organizations, attending a local tech meet up or brainstorming on venues for an upcoming unconference. At its heart this is an organizing job with the purpose of building an engaged Open Chattanooga Brigade.

Would there be a group of people working with this position?

You may wish to work directly on-site with Sean on the 4th Floor, but it is not strictly necessary. As long as you are in Chattanooga or close by, you may work remotely. You will be directly interfacing with the community.

How soon are you looking for this person to start and when would the position end? (I think I saw that it was temporary).

It is indeed temporary. It would end three months from the start date..

Is this a 9 to 5 restricted to the 4th Floor?

No. You are free to work remotely as long as you are in Chattanooga or close by.

How did the 3-month grant come about?

We have had these funds through a Knight Foundation grant since the beginning of the year. Because ramping up our community organizing effort appears to be crucial, we decided to take advantage of the funding we have left available. You can read more about our grant here.

Does the paid position conflict with the volunteer nature of the Brigade?

No. This position is meant to develop and build volunteer roles in the Brigade and delegate work to them. The goal is that by the time the paid position is over, responsibilities of the paid position will be absorbed by volunteer leaders and that you will have built the foundation of a strong and lasting volunteer Brigade.

When will interviews for Community Organizer start and when will the position be filled?

We will start interviewing the week of October 6th. The organizer will start immediately after hire.

Is preference given to folks who live in Chattanooga?

You must be able to interface directly with the community, so you must be willing to move to Chattanooga if you are not here already. We will not give re-location assistance.

Is there a possibility for long-term employment after the 3-month grant?

There is no possibility for long-term employment.