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Chattanooga Open Data Policy

City of Chattanooga's Open Data Policy by Executive Order


Combines the paginated data.json into one for your ArcGIS Open Data Portal.


A website about Chattanooga that anyone can edit.

Voxel Chattanooga

Chattanooga as a Minecraft world. Generated using data from the USGS and TopoMC in four hours on a Amazon GPU instance with 16 vCPUs and 22GB of RAM.

Chatt Crimes

A web app that visualizes local Chattanooga crime data on a map.


Have a dataset with no delimiters? Does it have defined column widths, though? Turn it into a usable CSV!

Chattanooga Bike Parking Locator

Find the closest bike parking to your current location in Chattanooga!


Easily search through various documents produced by Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

Enterprise South Nature Park Webmap

An interactive webmap for the enterprise south nature park.


A utility to mirror datasets from other data portals as external datasets in your Socrata Open Data Portal. Uses external data portal's data.json dataset catalog for aggregation.