The Open Chattanooga is lead by Brigade Captains.

Brigade Captain or Co-Captains The Brigade Captain is a volunteer who has demonstrated commitment as a Brigade leader. Brigade Captains are recognized by Code for America after achieving a number of organizing milestones. Brigade Captains make a one year commitment to lead a developed Brigade, and receive support including an operating budget, a trip to San Francisco for training and attendance at Code for America’s annual Summit.

Current Brigade Captains:

Past Brigade Captains:


Municipal Partners are a local Brigade’s civic innovation champions within government. Municipal Partners collaborate with and participate in their local Brigade. They make introductions between the Brigade and city workers, help Brigades navigate city processes, collaborate on events, and develop a civic innovation practice that spans the government and local community. Municipal Partners can participate in the Code for America Peer Network.

Current Municipal Partners:


In order for the brigade to be effective, they must meet the needs of their communities. The brigade needs a bridge. A brigade’s community partners serve as that bridge. They connect the brigade to areas of the community that the brigade wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Current Community Partners:


Core Team Members are important to a Brigade to diversify and distribute responsibilities in order to be more sustainable and more effective as a unit. Core Team Members work with the Leaders/Captains to lead specific areas of their local Brigade.

Delivery Lead (open position)

The Delivery Lead is the point for projects in the Brigade. The Delivery Lead should have a working knowledge of all the projects being hacked on at a given time in the Brigade, understand the needs of those projects, and help members find projects and projects find members.

Community Organizer (open position)

The Community Organizer is responsible for recruiting and welcoming new members to the Brigade and helping them get oriented. They are the point of contact for members who have questions about how to get started, what to do next, or how to help locally.

This Community Organizer should know about upcoming member events, be available to attend hack nights to assist with member questions, and create a welcoming environment. This position doesn’t necessarily require technical knowledge.

The Community Organizer’s focuses on building and maintaining community.

The community organizer’s areas of focus include:

Current community organizers:

Storyteller (open position)

The Storyteller owns the communication streams for their local Brigade. They will focus on telling the stories of the Brigade’s impact in their community. This includes writing blog posts, coordinating with local press, connecting with local media, and working with the CfA Communications team to share stories nationally.

The Storyteller’s areas of focus include:

Current storytellers:

Community Data Wrangler / Data Evangelists (open position)

A community data wrangler is a talented data librarian. They work with the community and local officials to ensure the wider availability of data. In some cases this includes the implementation of a community built data portal. \nThis role requires some depth of technology experience and understanding of data sets. Ideally, this person has the bandwidth to answer emailed questions and attend Brigade meetings on a regular basis.

Current data wranglers/evangelists

Scribe / Documentor (open position)

A scribe is someone who takes notes at Brigade events; helps keeps track of city council minutes and public hearings and reports back at hacknights; helps write training materials; keeps local wikis up to date; and/or writes software documentation. \nThis role requires strength in written communication and time to email and call local media.

Developer Evangelists (open position)

A developer evangelist acts as a mentor to other Brigade members and/or out of Brigade network individuals working on Brigade created products. Sometimes this person takes on a role as a repo manager. Developer evangelists are common throughout technical communities and play the same role within a Brigade. Their primary role makes new Brigade members feel welcomed and provide mentoring/coaching. As you can imagine, this role requires technical experience, time, and patience.

Current developer evangelists:

Policy Evangelists (open position)

A policy evangelist acts as a mentor to other Brigade members and helps educate the public and officials on open government, open data, and on the civic hacking practice. Within our communities, Law and Policy are “code” for physical space. Software is code for the digital space.

Policy evangelists are dedicated to understanding their municipal policy on Open Government, Open data, et. al. In some cases cases, this role is spread out to small working group to share notes on policy opportunities and have discussions with government agencies. This role requires patience, a really good networker, and a dash of political savviness.

Event Organizer (open position)

One of the most important roles is being an event organizer. Events enable the Brigade to exist. Several Brigades have found it helpful to have Brigade members rotate event logistics. It is not that you need someone to do everything in organizing an event, i.e. planning partnerships and programming. You need someone who can book space, arrange equipment, refreshments, set up, configure registration, etc…

This role requires the skills reserved for a party planner.